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Local Bluegrass Bands
Bands are responsible for notifying the editor of the Tribune of scheduled performances and events by web page schedule, email or phone no later than the 2nd Wednesday of the month to assure the proper posting of your event in the Tribune. (No exceptions please). Editor, Bill Maddrey, webmaster@tidewaterbluegrass.org or (757) 858-1440. Events for the TBMA Band Links Page (this page) are accepted and posted at all times. A genuine attempt at keeping this list up-to-date at all times is an on-going project. If your group has a YouTube video posted or a FaceBook Page, send the link so others can view the video or become your "friend". The primary way to keep this information current is with your input and help.

All locales mentioned below are in the Commonwealth of Virginia unless otherwise noted.

- WM -

Annie Wade Band contact Rich Martin - Rich Martin [guitar and vocals]; Susie Martin [mandolin and vocals]; Mel Shenk [fiddle and vocals]; and Kevin Gentry [dog house bass]; looking for a banjo player.

Bill Jenkins and the Virginia Mountain Boys See the Virginia Mountain Boys on Youtube
Contact Ray Merritt.  Bill Jenkins [guitar, vocals]; Ken Worrell [guitar, vocals]; Bill Collier [bass]; Clyde Bailey [Banjo and vocals], and Joe Gilley [guitar]

Code Blue
Contact: Bud Finch (757) 868-0638. Bud Finch [guitar, vocals]; E.T. Firth [mandolin, guitar, vocals]; Mike Beaver [banjo, vocals]; Paul Anderson [fiddle]; Bucky Beauchamp [bass, vocals] www.codebluebluegrass.com

Drifting Sands Bluegrass www.driftingsandsbluegrass.com
Contact: Ronnie Swaim (252) 256-2979. Ronnie Swaim [guitar, vocals]; Nancy Swaim (252) 256-1054, [bass]; [mandolin, vocals]; Bob "Muskrat" Reames [resonator guitar]; Red Swain [banjo, vocals]. Ronnie & Nancy Swaim 5thstring@embarqmail.com or driftingsands@live.com

Dust Cutters Bluegrass Band - Mitch Tolson-bass; Ed Bowes-banjo; Trish Bowes- guitar; Lewis Bowers-mandolin; Andy Ballance- guitar

Fentress Station Kurt Hobbs, Mandolin & Vocals: Jim Andersen, banjo & vocals; Roger Gray, Fiddle; Soames Newsome guitar & vocals, Wade Gibbs, bass; Drew Holland, guitar & vocals
April 22 - TBMA Monthly Concert, Hickory Ruritan Club, Chesapeake - 7:00 PM

Flatland Bluegrass Band
Contact: Randy Grigg (757) 238-9328. Randy Grigg [guitar, vocals]; Karen Grigg [mandolin, vocals]; Fred Staggs [bass]; Jim Andersen [banjo]; Hank Scroggins [fiddle]. www.flatlandgrass.com

Harbor Towne Bluegrass Band
Contact: Shelby Liston (757) 826-8265. Joe Davis [vocals, guitar]; Sammy Watson [vocals, guitar]; Pat Moore [vocals, banjo]; Bob Liston [vocals, mandolin]; Charlie Moore [resonator guitar, vocals] Shelby Liston [bass].

Hard Knox
Contacts: Bob Burrows at (757) 874-0766 or Joe Mastrangelo (bbanjoe@aol.com) at (757) 371-1199. Chris Rose [guitar]; Bob Burrows [resonator guitar]; Don Hamadyk [mandolin]; Charlie Scudder [bass]; Joe Mastrangelo [banjo]. Bookings available by calling. www.hardknoxbluegrassband.com
March 3 - Cabin Fever Pickin' Party, Holiday Inn Conference Center, Virginia Beach - 4:15 PM
April 8 - Messick Church Baptist Church, Poquoson (Hampton) - 7:00 PM
July 8 - Gloucester Moose Pickin' Party - time TBD
August 17 - Amelia Central Virginia Family Bluegrass Festival - time TBD
September 28 - Bluegrass By the Bay, Castaways RV Resort, Berlin, MD - time TBD

Hard Travelin' Bluegrass Band contact Dave Wyke (757) 599-4572. Dave Wyke [guitar, vocals]; Roy Hare [banjo, vocals]; Billy Shelton [mandolin]; Stanley Pritchard [bass, vocals]

Harvest Time Bluegrass Gospel

Contact Kevin Stroud at (252) 216-8082 obxkps@embarqmail.com. Kevin Stroud [Banjo], Vocals; Frank Barnett [Guitar, Lead Vocals]; Blake Cooper [Guitar, Lead Vocals]; Buddy Cooper [Mandolin, Vocals]; and Eric Rainwater [Upright Bass, Vocals]

Honeywind Bluegrass Boys
Contact: Mann Milby (804) 815-2419
Mann Milby [guitar, vocals]; Rob Foos [banjo, vocals]; Richard Callis [vocals, mandolin]; Ed Arrington [fiddle]; Dennis Emerson [bass]

In The Tradition
Contact Donnie Mason at (434) 401-8125 or email at bigman1961@msn.com.  Donnie Mason [vocals and mandolin]; Scott Mason [banjo]; George Evans [resonator guitar and vocals]; Tammy Mason [bass and vocals]; Ray Green [guitar, vocals]

Rappahannock Crossing Contact, Mike Nicely (804) 832-0950; Curtis Brizendine [Banjo]; Randy Crittenden [resonator guitar]; Mike Nicely [Guitar]; Dickie Cannon [Bass, vocals]; Doug Cherrington [mandolin, fiddle, vocals]

Solid Rock
contact@solidrockbluegrass.com or (757) 723-7079, www.solidrockbluegrass.com
Butch Bunn [guitar, lead vocal]; Joe Drumright [mandolin, vocal]; Rob Green [banjo, resophonic guitar, & vocal]; Sam Hyde [bass, vocal]; Isaac Hyde [fiddle, mandolin, vocals]; Caleb Hyde [guitar, vocals]

Sons of David
Contact Rich Bohr (252) 339-7734. Darrell Ramsey [vocal]; Bob Coburn [mandolin, vocals]; Rich Bohr [bass]; Bill Durham [guitar, vocals]; Art O'Neal [banjo].

Sunshine Express
Contact David Zook (757) 547-5353; Charlie Vaiden [guitar, resonator guitar, vocals]; Harold Williams [banjo]; Dave Zook [mandolin]; Jonas Miller [bass].

Wayne Willis & Liberty Grass
Contact: Wayne Willis (757) 488-2452. Wayne Willis [guitar, vocals]; Charley Moore [resonator guitar, vocals]; Jerry Willis [bass, vocals]; Harlan Baumgardner [banjo]; Teresa Willis-Knapp [vocals]; Loren Knapp [vocals]; Daryl Kimberly [lead guitar, vocals]; Cole Braswell [fiddle, vocals]
January 21 - Wayne's Body Shop, Victory Blvd, Portsmouth - 7:00 PM

Willow Creek (see Willow Creek on YouTube)
Contact Tom Peters, (804) 658-5358 or email at thewillowcreekband@comcast.net Paul Sandman [fiddle, vocals]; Tom Peters [lead guitar, mandolin & vocals]; Cathy Sandman [rhythm guitar, mandolin & vocals]; Bob Kidd [bass, vocals]; Bob Payne [banjo, mandolin, & guitar, vocals]; Cole Braswell [fiddle and vocals]. www.thewillowcreekband.com


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